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Aplusify provides Salesforce® managed services. We provide full-time and part-time Salesforce® expert resources and staff augmentation services. Our team of Salesforce® experts typically comprises of many different expertise, including:

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Our clients use
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Our flexible Salesforce® managed services are not limited to only customization or integration like many of the other consulting companies. We work like an extension of your existing team for ongoing support in roadmap design, consultation, Salesforce® admin support,
data governance, customizations and so much more.
Affordable managed services make Aplusify a viable option for the non-profits and associations.

Most of our non-profit clients have in-house team members providing Salesforce® support. Salesforce® as a platform is huge and expands into a large and multifaceted piece of software. It necessitates different skillsets to fully consume it for non-profit associations. CRM, as well as your business process, changes over a period of time. Hence it requires additional skills and resources to get the desired ROI on Salesforce® implementation. Aplusify brings in a blend of non-profit cloud experts, Salesforce® experts, marketing automation experts, solution architects, business analysts, etc. who are available according to your requirements.

Since everyone is used to using various different software solutions, this is a common issue we face across Salesforce® non-profit clients. As a result, there is no synergy in different departments. Also, there are challenges in terms of data integration. Many of our non-profit clients are happy using our expertise in designing an integrated Salesforce® experience.
Our expert team support in designing a roadmap to create an integrated data flow. Aplusify managed services team will help you eliminate redundant software applications.

We work as your true partner and extended team. In fact, our association will help you drive the Salesforce® adoption at a much faster pace and to its full capacity. This will further secure your job since the organization would drive more value from the Salesforce® implementation. Analyze your work requirement and you might need an extra hand and brain. We are also useful and capable when you need some time off. We will ensure that we make you shine and increase ROI for Salesforce® and your selection.

Aplusify offers value for money. We offer flexible packages to choose from. It will not cost you more than having a regular full-time employee. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to choose the package that best suits your budget and requirements. We are a much sought after company because we provide comprehensive service in any tasks around Salesforce®. We guarantee that you will get ROI many folds than what you will spend on our managed services. Moreover, it will recover for the investment and revenue lost due to not utilizing Salesforce® to its fullest capacity. We are happy to provide a complimentary evaluation or no-cost health check for your Salesforce®. Would you like that?

We have a pool of very experienced and learned resources. We will align the right resources for your project. We never charge our clients for such training. We already have experts in most of the apps for non-profits and associations. We focus exclusively on non-profits and associations. We fully understand the ecosystem around your needs and pain areas.