Salesforce® Managed Services for Non-Profits and Associations

Salesforce’s Non-profit success pack (NPSP) offers functionalities that empower non-profits and associations to use it as a readymade solution to improve community engagement, fundraising and management, CRM, and much more.

Leveraging Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources, Aplusify aims to help non-profit clients not only transform all facets of their business operations but also drive innovation at scale.

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How do we help Non-Profits and Associations?

We help you achieve maximum business value, return on relationship (ROR), and return on investment (ROI) out of your Salesforce® implementation. Our talented team with deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and before-time delivery capabilities offers non-profit or association an amazing Salesforce® experience.

Aplusify offers flexible and scalable end-to-end Salesforce® managed services.

Aplusify and Salesforce® as a team help you to redefine your operations with key stakeholders to inspire a deeper engagement and a high return on relationship.

Why Choose Aplusify?

Our Salesforce® managed services help you to optimize processes and utilize technology to the maximum return on investment.

We also help your organization maximize its investment in the Salesforce® platform.

Our teams have a deep understanding of Salesforce® functionality and processes. We start adding value right away.

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Q. As a non-profit/association, we do not have huge funds to pay for third-party vendors. How would you help us?

Q. I am the salesforce admin for our organization. Will I lose my job if I bring you in?

Q.We don’t need ongoing help for development. Our software is fully integrated and works well.

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